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The aim of the Help The Youth programis to raise the aspirations of young peopleh through mentoring.

We work with:
Young people who are at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour or crime. Young people who have low and high aspirations. HTY sets out to assist the development of men-tees.

We offer an alternative solution to exclusion in schools to help reduce the rate in inner city primary schools. HTY uses mentors to support young people through a programme of positive behaviour and activities HTY runs events for young people that supports their learning.


The OCC (2013.a) insist illegal exclusion is a very severe matter. The consequences of being permanently excluded from school are extremely serious. Unless high-quality support is in place for excluded children, their life chances are likely to be significantly affected in the short and long term. Children who miss out on education as a result of being excluded are much less likely to receive the support they need to turn themselves round (The OCC, 2013).


The OCC (2013.a) found that there are pupils being placed on extended study leave, on part time timetables, or at inappropriate alternative provision, as a way of removing them from school.


According to the OCC (2013.a) evidence suggests there are schools failing to have due regard to their legal responsibilities regarding the exclusion of children with statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Looked After Children (LAC). Tthis has led to some schools failing to have due regard to their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.


According to a spreadsheet on 'Permanent Exclusions from school' London had the highest rates of permanent exclusions with a staggering 780 pupils being permanently expelled in 2014 (Department for Education, 2015).



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